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There are few people safe from the clutches of being in an unsavory financial position and here at Your Property 4 Cash, we offer expert professional services to help combat your rising debts and financial difficulties.

If you are one of the millions of residential property owners whose debts continue to grow month after month, we can help by offering a swift and reasonable solution. Our ability to buy your house for cash means that you can raise the cash you need quickly and have enough left over to begin again, either in the same area or further afield.

If you are facing bankruptcy or repossession proceedings and need to sell your home in a hurry, our expert professional advisors will provide a personal service and undertake a thorough valuation of your property, allowing us to reach a viable and reasonable offer for your home. Within a timescale of just one week, we will evaluate and offer you a good price, removing the long drawn out processes experienced when selling your home in more traditional methods.

Because we don’t use estate agencies we help save you time and money, having no financial fees that you have to pay such as legal fees for solicitors and mortgage payments as we use our dedicated solicitors and with a quick house sale you no longer need to continue your mortgage.

‘Investments can go down as well as up’ – a message we often see and hear regarding financial institutions. We also hear advice such as: ‘failure to keep up with payments can result in the loss of your home’. These are often rushed off at the end of an advertisement or hidden away in the small print. However, it is true to say that financial situations to change rapidly and severely. You only need to look at recent news reports to see how banks have collapsed, leading to thousands of repossessions.

The trick is to be able to beat the bank to repossessing your home. One way of doing this, and very possibly the easiest way, is to make a quick house sale in financial difficulties. Before you even hear that terrible knock on the front door or hear a letter drop on to your mat, you could have parted with the property and see the money in the bank. Imagine the relief from beating the bailiffs!

This is exactly the task we perform – helping you to make a quick house sale in financial difficulties. The method is simple. All you need to do is to call us and start the ball rolling. One thing we need to do first of all is to work out a decent price. When we say ‘decent’, we mean a sum of money that bears a relationship to the market value, but one that also takes into account a fair cut for us after taking on the risk ourselves.

The transaction with us will normally take as little as seven days from the time you instruct us to the time when you see the money end up in your account. This is not just electronic money – this is real spendable cash to do with as you need. It is also a one off agreement which can be signed off fast. The speed of the deal means that you are suffering the minimum of pain in very painful times.

So let us help you dispose of your property before the bank tries to dispose of it for you. Don’t delay – call today!