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Even if the property you inherit is mortgage free, there are still maintenance costs and council tax to pay, in addition to utility bills such as water, gas and electricity payments. Selling the property as quickly as possible removes the need to continue paying monthly or quarterly bills. With Your Property 4 Cash we provide you with the quick and easy means to selling inherited property, giving you a fair price, whatever condition the building is in, the location, the type of property it is or its size.  

We spend lifetimes, in the UK, building up the financial means to own property. We need to save as much as we can over the years to pay for deposits and then, when we do buy a house, spend even more money on paying back the mortgage. This focussing on owning property is ingrained in our culture as a ‘must have’, where in other European countries it is less about buying a home and more about renting. The amount of time spent on attaining enough money to become a property owner is in direct contrast to the speed in which financial circumstances can change, leaving us unable to continue owning a property and needing to sell it quickly.

The standard high street estate agent is not there to help customers with fast sales – but are there to attain the highest price possible for any one property, whilst taking a cut for their own business. In order that these prices are maintained at a high level, the speed of sale takes anything from weeks to many months. Yes, it is true that some properties can be turned around in much shorter times, but these are the exception more than the rule. Because of the above situation, coupled with tougher economic times facing all of us, the necessity for Assisted Voluntary Sales has grown considerably over the last decade. An AVS sale is where an agent works with the property owner to sell for cash in as fast a time as possible in order that debts may be cleared. Some properties can end up being passed on for development before ending up on the market again, whilst others can find their way straight onto the auction books.

Auctioning a property, as with auctioning a car, is a risky business if you are not an expert. When a house in on the open property market, it is easy to get the searches to show up structural problems and issues with other planning permissions put in for the surrounding area. However, an auction novice can easily find they’ve bought a property which has numerous difficulties. Selling is just as dangerous for first-timers. Can they get the price they need?

Another fast sale technique used by some daring property owners is raffling a house. It has been known for an owner to advertise raffle tickets in the national press for £25 pounds each. The seller may need to sell over ten thousand of these to cover costs and the value of the property. It is a dangerous move and not at all advisable. As with anything, the sensible cause of action to take is to go to people who know what they are talking about before taking any action. Advise is essential and sometimes overlooked when you are in a rush to avoid repossession or are in a hurry to take up the opportunity of a good career move abroad. There are many places online to find the relevant information you need on the fast house sale market in the UK. You can also get advice from solicitors and Citizens Advice Bureaux.

Our professional ability to purchase your unwanted property as quickly as possible means that you can receive a cash lump sum to be shared amongst beneficiaries or for you to spend however you wish and with Your Property 4 Cash, you will be guaranteed to save thousands against the cost of solicitors legal fees and much more. To discover how we can assist you today, contact the fast house sale experts here and let us arrange for a no obligation free and unbiased valuation now.