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Unfortunately it is still a common threat for property owners across the United Kingdom and many believe there is no way out of repossessions. Here at Your Property 4 Cash, we are one of the leading property experts who can offer you a viable way to prevent repossession orders from ruining your life.  

Not only can we purchase your property for a fair amount but we have the resources and the professional capability to do this in extremely fast time scales, providing you with a cash lump sum to pay off your debts and in the majority of cases, still have enough to relocate and start a new life or whatever you wish to do.  

Helping to stop repossession in its tracks for so many individual homeowners over the last four years, here at Your Property 4 Cash believe in offering an honest service that allows you to gain the most from a fast house sale and we offer a completely no obligation property valuation to determine the right price for your home.  

Purchasing your property in under a week, additional benefits to stopping repossessions include having to pay no legal costs and having to endure the long drawn out processes that are so common when selling through estate agents.

There are a number of ways you can avoid the bank repossessing your home if you get into a situation when you cannot keep up with a mortgage. The most important piece of advice is to not ignore the problem by burying your head in the sand. Confronting the situation is the first step to finding an answer. The second step is to ask for help. Talk to your bank manager about the problem as soon as you can. Your lender may be able to buy you some extra time with a mortgage payment holiday. You might also be able to arrange to just pay the interest on your mortgage for a while. If the bank realises that you are making your best effort to meet your payment commitments then it may be more willing to give you extra time. You should also discuss your situation with organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau.

We now look at how to stop house repossession when it has gone a little further down the road. If you are in a position where the bank is threatening repossession then you may need to consider selling your home and living in more affordable accommodation or in council property. You can put your house on the market with an estate agent – but do not expect to see it sold quickly. If your situation is desperate, you may need to come to us and ask us how to stop house repossession.

We can advise you in the benefits of converting your home into a cash lump sum within a matter of seven days. Depending on how much of your mortgage you have already paid off, this will enable you to pay back some of your debts. We will offer you a price for your property based on local prices and the fact that we are accepting a risk by offering to buy within just seven days.

You can ask how to stop house repossession from a number of other schemes across the UK. There is a Mortgage Rescue Scheme in England and a Homeowner Mortgage Support fund across the UK. What we advise is that if you ask us to help you, that you also get advice on your mortgage because their could be extra costs with your deal. The main advice is to seek advice and to take action sooner rather than later.