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Top 11 Reasons you may want a quick house sale

Unfortunately for the thousands of homeowners out there that are in need of selling their property fast, it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so. Selling your home is most often a very complex and costly procedure, consuming a great deal of time that most individuals looking to sell their home cannot afford. Even with your property in perfect condition situated in the nicest of areas can take many months to complete a sale. With so much to contend with it is easy to see why so many individuals are turning to the convenience and security of a quick house sale, providing them with the reassurance that they’re able to release the equity of their property with minimum hassle and in no time at all when they need to. With numerous reasons as to why people are looking for a sell house fast opportunity in the shortest possible time frame, here are some of the most common ones that we are able to assist you with at Your Property 4 Cash:

1) Repossession

With the current economical crisis and subsequent recession taking its toll on the lives of us all, the amount of people looking to distance themselves from the current downturn is rapidly on the increase. Having left many people unable to meet their mortgage repayments, a fast house sale is the perfect prevention to stop the onset of repossession orders which can have disastrous consequences.

2) Divorce / Separation

Going through the processes of separation, (whether a divorce or going your separate ways) can be an emotionally difficult time for anyone. This is especially the case if you cohabit and share the mortgage on your home, further complicating matters. A house sale with Your Property 4 Cash will enable you to free yourself of prolonging any unnecessary stress and allow both parties involved to start afresh with an equal share of the equity released from the property.

3) Inherited Property

A devastating time for anyone, when you lose a close family member, your life can be turned upside down. If in the case a property or properties have been left solely to you or between siblings in the family will, many choose to sell on the property to split the inheritance between them. In these cases, selling the property through the normal channels of using an estate agency may take upwards of 6 months. With the fact that very few people are purchasing property at the moment, this figure could stretch further.

4) Career Relocation

Moving home can be stressful enough but when you are moving to start a new position in your career or if you are starting a new career, the pressure can really set in. Many career driven individuals take a leap of faith each year in packing up and moving to a new location to follow their dream, whether in the UK or abroad. In some cases the time between discovering the chance to move your career forward is offered to you and when you need to begin your new position might be less than a month.

5) Financial Difficulties

For many homeowners across the UK and abroad, the recession is still causing financial hardship where rising inflation and increased costs of living are taking their toll on hundreds of thousands of individuals.

6) Buying a New Home

Whether suffering a break in the property chain or if your struggle to sell your existing property is hampering the purchase of your dream home, the experts here at Your Property 4 Cash can help you.

7) Moving On

Whether you are looking to buy a new home or are facing the exciting prospect of moving abroad, selling your property quickly is most often absolutely imperative. You are able to avoid the danger of a broken chain which can have disastrous consequences and potentially mean that you lose the property you are looking to invest in. It will also give you the funds you require in order to start again. If you are moving home to start a new career, time is sure to be of the essence and it will be absolutely essential to sell property quickly, whatever your reasons and individual circumstances. Your Property 4 Cash is here to help you.

8) Redundancy

The current economic crisis has not only affected the housing market but has also resulted in thousands of people becoming redundant and taking pay cuts, which has had a huge knock on effect on the their lifestyle. One of the most catastrophic ramifications of this is the prospect of losing your home due to being unable to repay your mortgage, causing a great deal of stress and hardship. However, by selling your property fast you are able to avoid further debt with the release of the equity on your home, allowing you to pay off what is owed and use the remainder to start afresh.

9) Illness

One of the things in life that can never be certain is your health. When you have suffered an illness that has left you incapacitated and unable to work, your mortgage payments and bills soon mount up.

10) Bereavement

Losing a loved one is one of the most emotionally devastating times you could face and many people find themselves left with inherited property. During such a difficult time this can be an overwhelming prospect, with many people opting to sell on the home and share the inheritance fairly between the beneficiaries. Going through this process with an estate agent could take many months and incur unnecessary fees; however, a quick property sale ensures absolute efficiency in providing you with the cash amount within a very short space of time.

11) Equity Release

Wanting to release money that is tied up within your home? For whatever reason you wish to gain cash from your property, the professional property experts here at Your Property 4 Cash are there to offer first class assistance and financial help today.