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What to do in the event of Repossession Court Hearings

Advice on what to do when presented with a court hearing regarding your repossession.

As a fast house sale specialist, here at Your Property 4 Cash, we have a vast knowledge of repossessions and have a great deal of experience in actively stopping repossession proceedings, giving homeowners the lifeline to avoid repossession and to move forwards with their lives. In the severest cases where you are presented with a repossession court hearing, we want to give you the right advice to ensure that your worries are kept to a minimum.

Understanding exactly what to do will lessen the impact and the effect of repossession on your family life. Although at this stage there will be little else you can do other than consider a fast house sale, we are here to make sure that you receive the best possible outcome, whatever your situation. Take note when receiving a court summons as following a few simple steps can assist you more than you think.

Do whatever you are informed to do by the courts and fill all the details on the summons form and return it to the court, this will act as evidential material that suggests that you will pay an agreed amount back to your mortgage lender on top of your current monthly instalment, if an agreement is made between the two of you. All legalities should be addressed as soon as you receive notification of them.

Don’t assume that because your mortgage lender has issued a repossession order that you cannot meet a deal where you can remain at the property if you agree to what is known as a suspended possession order. It is important to follow court proceedings by the book. If you receive a court hearing, don’t choose not to attend as there is still chance of reaching a compromise even in the courtroom. Always agree to do whatever you can possibly do as your absence from a particular hearing will mean there is no other alternative but to follow the repossession through.

During any stage of repossession, it is important to remember that there are many chances for you to consider a sell house fast option on your home and for many this is the most beneficial solution that provides the most welcome outcome. Whatever stage you find yourself at, call our team of experts to assist you today.