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Stopping Repossession FAQ’s

Here at Your Property 4 Cash we get asked a wide array of questions about our fast property sale solutions offered to homeowner across the UK. In an attempt to provide a viable and valuable source of information to those considering a fast home sale we have collected a number of frequently asked questions asked by genuine clients and here we list some of the most common ones below:

Q1. How much will selling my property for cash cost me?

There is nothing to fear when selling your property for cash with ourselves. Here at Your Property 4 Cash we do not charge for any fees relating to the quick house sale of your property. Our practices are designed to save you the most when selling your home for cash. With no fees, survey costs and no estate agents to pay for, you can find assurance that at no point will we ask you for any money at all.

I have received a date for a court hearing but I am in hospital for an operation on that day.

Fear not, there are many ways in which this can be worked around, especially if you have a joint mortgage. Under the normal circumstances, individuals are asked to do all that is possible to attend court hearings as doing so gives you an extra last minute chance to meet an arrangement with your mortgage lender or their representative. If you are unable to attend due to being incapable of appearing in court then the other person on the contract need only be there. Let the courts know as soon as possible if you cannot attend, they may reschedule or consider a proposal you wish to offer, don’t just leave it to chance.

Q2. How quickly can Your Property 4 Cash stop repossession orders?

We have the power to assist you in even the tightest situations, preventing the closure of repossession orders even in the last few hours before your property is forcibly taken from you and the locks on your property changed. Our experience in providing excellent services designed to offer you a viable alternative to repossession means that in less than a week we can have your repossession stopped and your arrears paid off. In most cases, you can even receive a cash lump sum left over after paying your debts.

Q3. What can I do if faced with repossession?

There are many things you can do if you find you are facing repossession. If talking with your lender to resolve repossession doesn’t work, you can gain more by selling your home with the experts here at Your Property 4 Cash. Instead of losing your home in its entirety, you might be able to pay off your debts and still have a sizeable cash lump sum left over to use as you see fit.

Q4. What type of property will you purchase?

Here at avoid repossession we have built up a strong reputation for delivering a fair and balanced solution for property owners across the UK. In our years serving the British property market, we have purchased a whole diverse array of properties when owners have required a fast sale. Predominantly dealing in the residential property sector, we do have the resources to consider commercial properties from time to time. Regardless of the age, condition or location of your home, we will endeavour to assist all enquiries as soon as we receive them to arrange the best and most suitable solution for you.

Q5. Why choose a Fast House Sale with you?

Over the last decade there has been a big shake up within the property market, calling for fairer terms for homeowners looking to gain a fair price for their homes when using a fast sale company online such as ourselves. Here at Home Repossession Advice we have dedicated our efforts to being as ethical and understanding as possible. We take many factors into place when calculating a fair and reasonable offer for your property, offsetting the slightly lower than market value price we present to you with legal and all other fees paid for by ourselves. In addition you can expect the whole process to take no more than 6 days, freeing up your cash lump sum in under a week.

Q6. Can you promise a low key confidential service?

Over 90% of our clients here at Home Repossession Advice ask the same question when approaching us for a fast property sale. The thought of having to sell your home amidst being the talking point of neighbours can be an absolute nightmare for many, especially when your reasons for requiring a fast sale are far from what you would have hoped for. Operating a confidential and private sale for you, we ensure that minimal physical interaction is made by ourselves and we abstain from using ‘for sale’ and ‘sold’ signs to give you anonymity when selling your house to us for cash.

Q7. Am I obliged to agree with a sale amount with you?

As a leading expert in fast property sales here in the UK, Home Repossession Advice was set up to provide an array of solutions to suit the many needs of a growing number of homeowners in the UK looking for a efficient and affordable way to sell property for cash. Because we have dedicated ourselves to assisting our clients in some of the best ways possible, you will discover that we can present the perfect solution that suits your needs and requirements the best. If you feel that you would like to gain a quote yet find yourself unsure whether to continue, at any given time, we offer a no obligation policy for you.

Q8. How much will it cost me to sell my house to Home Repossession Advice?

Although you will never truly gain the full asking price for your property when selecting the services of a fast property buyer, we do everything in our power here at Home Repossession Advice to make your property sale as ethical and beneficial as possible. Our attention to detail is first class, paying closely to ensuring you gain the best deal possible. As we take care of all your legal bills and costs for such things as surveys and valuation costs, you are not presented with any nasty hidden charges, further mortgage payments to make and no estate agents fees either.