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Stop Repossession Testimonials

Your Property 4 Cash is a company that stands by their laurels to deliver a solution that can provide a beneficial and efficient way to resolve bad debt issues and other imposing financial scenarios such as repossession orders, separations and divorces and inherited properties, etc. Below are a few testimonials sent to us from just a few of the many homeowners we have successfully helped over the years, with more homeowners requesting our services each and every day, reflecting our positive impact on the poor housing market that still suffocates the UK even now:

Michael and Yvonne Hurstwood – Coventry

We couldn’t believe how quickly the repossession stopped service worked to help sort out a brilliant fast home sale solution for us just a few months ago. Having only a few weeks before my husband was due to retire, and we had been talking about moving to the south of England where we could enjoy the peace and quiet of a seaside town where he could enjoy his love of fishing and I could enjoy the warmer climate and the beautiful surroundings that the south coast offers. We decided to call Your Property 4 Cash, not because we had any financial issues but because a friend had told us how they had helped them. All it took was a quick discussion, they offered a quote that agreed with us both and the rest is history! Within a week, we had a sizeable cash lump sum credited to our bank account and successfully have planned our move which is just a few days away!

Sarah Walker – Sheffield

I am a single mum who works hard to provide for my two beautiful children. I was trying to keep on top of all the bills after parting from my partner but after several months it became clear that I wasn’t going to make it on my own. With mounting bills I was forced to resort to calling someone before I had my property repossessed. Your Property 4 Cash acted swiftly to offer the assistance I required and made a really good offer for my home. In just 6 days I had sold my home, paid off my debts and still had the money I needed to find a great place that I now rent for me and my children. Thank you once again to the team at Your Property 4 Cash.

Beverley and Simon Trafeli

Before the recession my husband and I were earning decent salaries, went on numerous holidays each year and found paying our mortgage and bills so very easy. Life was good. When the recession hit my husband Simon reluctantly accepted a lesser paying role in his company thinking that it would only be for a short time. Although not the best position to be in, we knew we could get by. A year later and he was still in the same position which has left us using all our savings just to keep up to date with our mortgage, bills, loans and any credit cards that we use. The quick house sale decision was reached earlier this year to consider a fresh start and thanks to your wonderful team at Home Repossession Advice, we were able to sell up and relocate with a cash lump sum we received for our home.

Martin Wallier – Stockport

Absolutely brilliant result, a big thank you to the team at Your Property 4 Cash who helped me back onto my feet after being made redundant over 6 months ago. With their help I was offered a beneficial solution that meant that I could settle my debts and find somewhere cheaper to rent whilst I found a new job. With the excellent way they handled my case, I am so pleased I was pointed in their direction and urge all others, if you have a similar problem, give them a call, there is no obligation to take up their offer but it is designed to be substantially beneficial for you as it is for them. Thanks again team, I appreciate all your hard work.

Your Property 4 Cash is the one place where invaluable assistance and professional help regarding the repossession of your property can be found. Designed to offer unbiased and helpful, professional advice on home repossessions, Your Property 4 Cash works to provide access to a range of financial safety nets to avoid you losing everything to repossession. Understanding the needs and requirements of homeowners across the UK, we heavily apply our expertise to lessen the impact of financial burdens on homeowners, by offering them the alternative that will allow them to pay off their debts through the fast sale of their home, giving them a chance of a fresh start. Following a well established ethos in helping those overcome their financial problems by releasing equity to them, in the form of a quick property sale, here we perform to the best of our abilities to provide the most beneficial solutions for homeowners facing repossession. Our goal and aim is to successfully assist all those homeowners who believe there is no alternative when faced with losing their homes. Many homeowners, however reluctant to give up the keys to their property, often end up doing so with nothing to show for their hard earned efforts.

A repossession order is a worrying notification, being given a deadline to vacate your home and move your belongings. A scary proposition for any family, couple or individual, having the stress and worry of what is around the next corner can place real fear on an already highly strung mind. With Your Property 4 Cash, we have worked hard to develop some of the most assertive and helpful services that offer the right advice to stop repossession orders in their tracks. Giving you the ability to take part in our sell your house programs, you will discover the professionalism and expertise offered to you by the leading fast house sale experts here at homerepossessionadvice.co.uk. With our help and advice you no longer have to suffer in silence with uncontrollable debt issues such as repossession and bankruptcy. Our services are designed to put the needs of homeowners first and with our ability to continually improve and stay ahead of the competition means that those who come to us for assistance receive first class, professional guidance and help.

Discussing all manners of reasons for requiring quick house sale assistance, our expert advisors and team of specially chosen underwriters have more than the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure your enquiry is treated with the upmost confidentiality, professionalism and swift expertise. Our focus is on stopping repossessions by offering a series of alternative swift solutions such as offering to purchase your property for a cash lump sum. This lump sum can be used to pay off the unresolved debts that have lead up to your repossession order. In most cases, our commitment to arranging the best possible solution for you will leave you with money left over to use as you please, an option that would not be presented to you if your property were to be repossessed. Call our team for the latest repossession avoidance advice today to ensure you gain the right help now.