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For those unfortunate to have no specialised insurance plans in place, there may be little help available to you other than small contributions from the government, family and friends or perhaps any savings that you had managed to build up over the years.

Your Property 4 Cash are leading property specialists who buy homes for cash across the UK. Having a wealth of experience and professional knowledge in all aspects of house buying, we take an individualistic and understanding approach to each and every one of our clients, especially under such fragile conditions when an illness is seriously affecting your daily life. Our services are quick, reliable and painless, completing all property transactions within one week and with Your Property 4 Cash, we provide an unbiased and no obligation service.

You can rest assured that through us, you can sell your house quickly for a price that you will find reasonable, giving you a cash lump sum to spend in any way you wish, either on a round the world trip or to pay off bills and provide you with a livable income. Either way we carry out a free valuation and save you thousands against the cost of legal fees, surveys and estate agent costs by eradicating the cost of these when purchasing your property.

Settling your mortgage before you get into financial difficulties is advisable when you see the dark clouds of redundancy looming. It is a situation where you can either descend into depression, or you can treat it as a chance to open up new opportunities. You need to ask yourself – without my wage packet coming in, will I be able to keep up with the mortgage payments on my house? If the answer is ‘no’, then you need to be considering a way of, either pulling in money quickly, through selling off assets, or by selling your home quickly. The last thing you want, is to get into mortgage repayment problems with the bank breathing down your neck.

The best solution to this kind of dilemma can often be: selling up fast. This solution puts thousands, maybe tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of pounds into your bank account within just six days. This is cash that you can spend on renting somewhere to live whilst you find yourself a new job or go self-employed.

If you were to leave the situation to sort out itself without selling your house quickly, you face the prospect of having a repossession order served on your home. This is a very distressing situation to go through because all control is taken away from you. At least with a fast sale, you are still in control of your destiny. This is a very empowering feeling – and one that is a good one to nurture through difficult times.

If you need to settle your mortgage quickly, talk to our team about arranging a fast house sale. We will take you through the process in as stress-free way as possible. We will start the process by checking that the course of action is the best one for you. You do not want to be selling up for cash unless there really isn’t any other option open to you. We may find that you have shares that could be sold to generate enough money to look after your needs for several months. That period of time can often be enough to get back into employment. This is where you will also need to tie the advice into help from a career counsellor or a job-centre. They may be able to find you a new position fairly swiftly if you are being made redundant.

Another thing worth checking: could your bank manager give you a mortgage holiday? This period of time can be anything from one month, up to half a year. The break from paying your mortgage can help you through a sticky patch. However, if you are struggling and all the other available routes have been exhausted, then making a cash sale will generate the necessary funds in your bank account within a week – and should tide you over.

Contact our friendly team of fast house sale experts. They will take you through all of this advice in an understanding and sensitive manner. Imagine being able to transform your life within the space of just a week. Now call our support team and take decisive action on your future!