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Advice on how to actively Stop Repossession orders

The good news is that if you are facing repossession, there is time to stop proceedings in their tracks, even if you are days or even hours away from having your home taken away from you. When faced with repossession there are several stages where you can act and if all else fails, one call to Your Property 4 Cash is often all you need to do.

We approach all our customers with a sympathetic understanding and a professional view to help in the best way possible. If in all cases you fail to stop repossession orders from taking your home we have the resources and the capability to effectively stop repossession proceedings in the shortest time possible. The solutions to ease your situation can offer a glimpse of hope that will enable you in many circumstances to pay off any debts and still gain a cash sum to use as you see fit.

Your property 4 Cash do not charge for our services and there is no obligation for you to choose us, however, by selling your home to us, you can rest assured that we can provide the legal assistance to provide you with the most beneficial outcome available. With nothing to pay including legal fees, survey costs and no 2% estate agent fees to pay, you don’t have to worry about spending any money that you don’t have.

By providing you with a ‘Straight Purchase’, Your Property 4 Cash can take away the financial worries you have and ensure that you avoid repossession proceedings. Not only do you benefit from gaining a cash lump sum for your property in a short time scale, you avoid any further damage to your credit rating and a black listing against any future financial decisions you wish to make.

If your property is not a ‘negative equity’ i.e. you owe more than the value of the house, we can normally provide the fast house sale assistance you desire. With our focus on providing a quality service, we act with professional discretion and keep your property sale private and confidential, a secret from those you would rather not find out.