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Emma Taylor - Weybridge, Surrey
Thanks to the experts at Your Property 4 Cash I was able to sell my house for a very reasonable amount when moving abroad. I had planned to start a new life in France and as I needed to release equity to help purchase my dream home, Your Property 4 Cash were only too willing to help. I was surprised at the amount I received for my home and the extra cash has really helped set off my new life to a flying start.
Thanks, Emma.

Jim and Susan Olsen - Birmingham
After trawling the internet looking for help with selling our family home, we discovered Your Property 4 Cash. My wife had developed a serious illness and as we are retired, we found that our income was simply not enough to pay for the care my wife requires. With their help we could afford the correct care and support needed to make Susan's life as comfortable as possible. The lovely team at Your Property 4 Cash provided us with the best price out of all the other companies we visited and we even had enough left over to by a specially modified bungalow to enjoy the rest of our days.
Yours Sincerely,
James Olsen

Francis Hampton - Edinburgh

Thank you to the team at Your Property 4 Cash! After my marriage fell apart, I had to sell my property quickly and it would have dragged out into months or maybe years, going down the route of using an estate agents. With the help of Your Property 4 Cash, the quick house sale process took less than a week and I gained enough money to find a rented house in which to make a new start.

Gill Alexander - Burnley, Lancashire
Your Property 4 Cash worked quickly to by my house when I was about to have it repossessed. Because of the recession, I couldn't afford the mortgage payments because I had to take a cut in pay. Raising two children on my own, Your Property 4 Cash were very sympathetic and did everything they could to offer me the best price for my house, giving me a lump sum to pay off my debts, stop repossession and start afresh, thank you again.

Richard and Denise Moore - Sheffield
After my wife's mother passed away, we inherited her home and decided to sell it as my wife is one of four children and she wanted to share the profit from the property with her siblings. Your Property 4 Cash worked miracles to buy the property in record time and we used my wife's share to go on a world cruise, I highly recommend your services to others,
Many regards,
Richard Moore