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Sell My Home Fast - Sell Home Quickly

YP4C aim to assist people who need a quick house sale or wish to sell and rent back there property without the normal hassles and timescales involved when selling through an estate agent.  If you would like to help a friend or relative achieve a quick house sale, you will recieve a bonus payment of £20 pound for every lead we quickly verify via phone that will accept a 25 to 30% bmv offer.

If you know a friend or relative who would like to sell their house quickly for whatever reason or maybe have a website that generates BMV property leads you can have the potential to earn up to £400+ a week for 20 BMV lead referrals:  We do all the work from start to finish from the due diligence process right through to the sale of the house. There are companies that will pay you 5 per lead, earn money with us get 20 per phone vetted lead!

We offer this service to property investors with excess quick house sale leads, or you may have a relative or a friend facing repossession and needing a quick house sale for cash or with an option to rent back the property.

The YP4C BMV leads scheme is ideal for those who:

  • Need a fast house sale
  • Facing repossession
  • Property chain broken down
  • Looking for sell and rent back
  • Inherited a property that they do not want

Contact YP4C today to make your dreams come true!!

Call: 0800 612 3384 or email: rachael@rankingsolutions.com